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Monday, January 21, 2019
Activists' dilemma
Anti-Semitism in Women’s March complicates matters for local Jews
By Toby Tabachnick
Jewish progressives here caught between standing with local allies and walking away from hate at national level.
Editorial / Women’s March’s anti-Semites
By Editors
Disengagement / Groups fleeing National Women’s March
Bound by tragedy
Charleston survivor comforts congregants
By Adam Reinherz
Unfortunately familiar path brings people together.
Music as comfort / Nefesh Mountain brings uplifting message to Pittsburgh
By Adam Reinherz
Realizing a dream
Journalists write Jewish children’s books
By Selah Maya Zighelboim
Nonfiction writers turn to fiction
PPS leader
Lynda Wrenn shares insights as school board president
By Adam Reinherz
The never-ending work of educational volunteering.
Understanding the experience of trauma
If you think you might need help, don’t wait — survivors’ symptoms can grow worse the longer they wait to receive care.
The wisdom behind Israel’s crazy multi-party system
By Rabbi Dr. Ariel Picard
Israel’s politics may seem chaotic, but they get things done and are well suited to the country.
Headlining speaker series
NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik speaks in Pittsburgh
By Adam Reinherz
Journalism expert offers professional and personal insights.
Jewish Community Study
Studying community: Pittsburghers finding ways to worship beyond bounds of shul
By Toby Tabachnick
About 35 percent of Jewish households here are affiliated with a community of worship. Almost half of those are not synagogues.
Editorial / Independent minyans are filling a void and deserve our support
Study breakdown / Jewish Pittsburgh growing but denominational affiliation dropping
By Toby Tabachnick
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